About Us

A brief history


Medan Quantum, incorporated in 2007, is the brain child of the Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Hamzi Qayyum, started its’ humble beginnings in two shop lots with a mission to make premium automobiles affordable to car enthusiast from all walks of life. Heeding the market needs, Medan Quantum painstakingly sourced from only trustworthy sources who ensure quality is key, where cars are cherry picked with a goal to ensure maintenance and upkeep is reduced to a minimum for the masses.

Moving forward for over a decade, our devotion and passion from the very day we started Medan Quantum continues to yield rewards, where through the guidance and vision of Mr. Hamzi Qayyum, we now reside in a showroom that houses more than 120 cars with a strong staff force of 71 dedicated personnel who have such great passion and expertise in the automobile industry.

Mr. Hamzi Qayyum had merged aggressiveness and innovation in his business style to accelerate growth of Medan Quantum to 4.7% annually, where more than 3400 cars have been sold with an ever ready stock of over 400 vehicles in store. 2017 has proven to be a promising year for Medan Quantum, with 3 new branches were launched in Damansara, Alor Setar and Kota Bahru; and we are dedicated to ensure that the prices are competitive without compromising on quality and service, always emphasising on customer satisfaction.

As Medan Quantum further develops, the company has a foresight to one day be a renowned franchise holder but still keep our original idea in mind.


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